Have the right information

Digitail Vet for accountants
Have access to the information you need – already formatted.

Get what you need

Access all the information you need in one place. Filter by month, weeks or a custom period and easily see an overview of the products sold, remaining stocks, invoices, and receipts.

Generate accounting reports that you can use directly. We made sure they are in the required format.
Integrate with other systems by exporting and importing the documents.


Have confidence in your data

Doctors need to report differently the medicine that is used in operations than the one that is sold to the client. Digitail takes this into account and makes the life easier for you by providing clear delimitations and reducing the risk of error.

The stocks are updated automatically and all the transactions are registered instantly. The information you need is accessible and correct, exactly when you need it.


Make informed recommendations

Should I sell more services or more products? What drives revenue and growth? Is the cost of the treatment higher than what is being charged for it?

Now you can easily find the answer to these questions and you can also understand which are the products and services that sell the best and the ones that have a higher margin.
Increase the business’ profit and growth by analyzing these insights.