This article describes the implementation process of Digitail at Hemopet, a great veterinary practice from Bucharest which also helps pets by offering blood bank services.

After the first discussion with the team behind Hemopet, we have discovered 3 main concerns that needed to be addressed.

1. Training of personnel

How do we make sure new employees know how to use the software? Will we need to contact Digitail again every time?

These were the main questions that needed to receive a sustainable and long term answer.

When we built the software, we took into account not only adaptability but also making it easy to use.

Therefore, every process is documented and explained directly in the application. As you use it, you will receive prompts, explanatory messages and will be guided towards the next steps.

Moreover, we have created a step by step online documentation of videos and texts that describe and explain the functionality and how to use it.

And, of course, our support team is there to provide solutions to any unanswered questions.


2. Adapting all communication material to the Hemopet brand

We were happy to see that Hemopet takes its mission seriously and also its brand.

Before talking with them, all the invoices had a standard design and did not include any logo or personalized information.

However, seeing the importance of branded material in creating customer loyalty, we have decided to prioritise the feature of branded invoicing and to make it available for all Digitail clients.


3. Changing and creating multiple mandatory schemes

As we found out, once they start treating a pet from a young age, the owner will trust and continue the journey with Hemopet.

As a result, Hemopet employees were spending a lot of time planning manually what required visits should be scheduled in the future for the pet owner.

The mandatory scheme was an attractive idea that was able to solve this.

However, at the time of the implementation, the system only allowed for one mandatory scheme per clinic. After we have received the feedback and we better understood the need of Hemopet, our tech team was able to make the improvements to the software and enable clinics to create multiple and customizable mandatory schemes.

After the team was done with the modifications, we have updated the software automatically via the cloud. This required no effort on the client’s side. They just had to log in again to the platform and the new update was there to be used.


From the beginning, our goal was, is and will be to create easy to use and helpful digital products.

Hemopet reminded us the importance of our work and the pleasure of supporting the people that are key to maintaining and improving the health of our pets.

And, yes, as part of our core mission and goals, all new updates and features are available to all of our clients.

Start using Digitail now and be part of the community!

Get in contact with us to find more information about Digitail and how we can help your practice.

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