Customer retention & loyalty

Increase customer loyalty and retention by improving client communication

Know your customers better

Digitail offers you a clear overview about your clients. You can:

Customizable Mandatory Schemes

Forget about having to write the same appointment twice or having to remember when should the next one be.

Digitail helps you personalize a mandatory scheme that is a pre-defined set of appointments that the system auto-schedules for you and your clients

Mandatory schemes include vaccinations, anti-parasites visits and regular checkups.

Automatic scheduling

Following the mandatory schemes, the system checks with the client when are the best times for him to come based on your availability.

In case you need to change any of the dates, all the future appointments are rescheduled automatically.

Reminders & Notifications

Forgetting is human. That is why Digitail sends reminders and notifications automatically to both the pet owners and the doctors involved.

By sending reminders, pet owners understand the importance of the visit and are more likely to come.

As a result, we have noticed a real increase in visits and in scheduled appointments. 

Send messages from the CRM

You can easily send messages to one of your clients or to more clients at once based on any given criteria.

Example: Send a thank you message to all pet owners that have spent more than “x” amount this year at your clinic.

The messages can be sent via more platforms: