Understand your business

Digitail Vet for management
Learn how to reduce costs and be legally correct.

Keep your data secure

Your data is securely stored in the cloud, but also easily accessible to you when you need it.


Avoid legal risks

Be legal compliant by creating customized consent forms. We got you covered with GDPR too.


Know what’s going on

Check all the information you are interested in: consultations, new patients, invoices. All on your phone.


Be on top of your revenue

Track your business profitability and understand what are the main sources of revenue.

how we help you

Check out the main features that will take your clinic to the next level.

Organize your team

You can create different user roles and customize the permissions based on your clinic’s flow and needs. Everyone involved in your business can take part in it, exactly how you want it; from the medical staff to reception and accounting.

Manage the stocks

Understand what products sell better and what is the margin on the treatments and surgeries you offer.

Digitail can help you track all that information and take informed decisions.

Security for your data

Your clients’ data, as well as your clinic’s, are both very important. A cloud solution is a tool that keeps your data securely stored, overcoming stressing situations such as computers crashing, robberies or human mistakes that can alter the integrity of your files.

Don’t put yourself at risk

Consent forms are a powerful way to keep your practice protected, as well as inform your clients about their rights and obligations. You can easily create customized consent forms with powerful [shortcodes] that will automatically prefill the clients’ information. This means everything from the clients’ name and patient’s details to the date of today is already there!

We also take care of GDPR for you, asking for your clients’ permission to store their data, explaining them the privacy policies and storing their digital agreement to the terms and conditions.