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We’re serious about security!

Let’s talk about Data and Data Privacy

At Digitail, we believe in innovation, ownership, and security, especially when it comes to data.

Your clients’ data, as well as your practice’s, are soooo very important. We get that. And our entire no-fail software is built on the idea that vets own the data they create and pet parents own the data they add.

Digital’s ultimate goal

Help veterinarians make sense of the data they have, get more insights and medical data in real-time, in order to prevent and proactively maintain the health of the patient, even when they are not at the clinic. All that while elevating every aspect of your biz for extra growth and ease. Talk about full service! (link to features page)

How do we get there?

By creating a powerful alignment between the interest of vets and the interest of the PIMS providers. Why is that important? Details, coming right up 👇

Here’s the story

Throughout the years, there have been more and more startups and companies that have subsidized the price of PIMS in order to get their hands on the data (let’s just say they “didn’t understand” that the data was still owned by their clients and not by them).

Ideally, pet parents should have access to their pet’s medical data. It’s only fair.

The data entries are, of course, created and added by vets, who are the right people to share it, especially since they are the ones who know which “internal notes” are private and what info needs to be read by the human companion.

Are you scratching your head while trying to make sense of the way things work? Not to worry! That’s precisely why we think that veterinary practice management systems should work in everyone’s interest, especially the vets’. And that’s exactly how we roll.


Tell me more

Fact: veterinarians have huge amounts of data that are not being used.

We believe that’s an amazing opportunity that vets can tap into with specialized help, even more so since nowadays, pets are at the practice less than 1% of the time, while the rest of the time is spent on getting advice from Dr. Google and other industry stakeholders like big food brands or online shops.

Pet care is changing.

We’re here to make sure you’ll be on the winning side. We have fully integrated solutions that will help you manage the data you have easier, faster, and smarter.

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We’re on your team

Think of Digitail as a virtual concierge service that joins the vet team and acts on behalf of the vet. We value collaboration and trust, just like you!

➡ Nothing happens without the approval of the vet. The act of providing pet care requires years of know-how, empathy, and hard work and this can only be done by vets and their teams. All on board? Good!

➡ On the other side, there’s also information that is generated by the pet parent through our dedicated app for clients (link to the Pet portal) This is key info that helps vets better understand the patient’s needs and prevent diseases. Super important!

➡ There’s a fine balance between transparency and real privacy. Digitail provides both and is committed to taking your practice to the next level in terms of client acquisition, retention, and compliance.

Think ahead

Today, this data is added manually, but in a couple of years from now, with the rise of IoT devices, it can come directly from smart wearables.

Imagine a future in which the vets would have a real-time dashboard that provides all the insights they need (calling Tom Cruise character in “Minority Report”, or better yet, Scotty from Star Trek).

That would definitely be a game-changer and allow vets to not only prevent diseases but also help them multiply their output by enabling them to track and serve 10 times more patients, sans the added stress/effort.

We’ll say it again: Data is your friend. But so are privacy laws.


➡️ Vets own the data they and their staff create

➡️ Pet parents own the data they generate

➡️ PIMS and others do not own that data, they are only a facilitator to generate, organize and view the data

➡️ The right veterinary practice software can really make a difference in the way you use data to do more good, keep it safe and be more compliant

Our promise: Never lose the information you need the most

With Digitail, your data gets a high-end level of security. The kind only financial institutions have. Digitail is powered by AWS (mic drop! 🎤).

Your data and your clients’ data is stored securely in AWS. We constantly do pen testing to make sure the system is secure.

A cloud solution guarantees you’ll never deal with things like a computer crashing, robberies, or human errors that can alter the integrity of your files. There’s no such thing as “who let the dog data out?”.

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