Digitail App Guide

For Vet Clinics

1. What is Digitail for Pets?

Digitail for Pets is a health and care management app for pet owners created by Digitail. It was created from the desire to connect veterinary clinics with pet owners and also to improve their communication process.

Digitail for Pets is a free app, without in-app purchases; for now, just Digitail Software users can give free access to their customers. This means that your customers will be the first who will access the app for free, because you are using Digitail Software.

Stay tuned and discover more about Digitail for Pets on pet.digitail.io!

2. Why do I need it for my practice?

Digitail for Pets is an effective tool to attract and retain new customers. Once you give free access to Digitail for Pets app, the news that you are a digital clinic will spread very fast. You’ll discover later what features Digitail for Pets has for your customers, but for now take a look on what would you gain:

  1. Increase your revenues. More convenience, more customers. More customers, more revenues.
  2. Save time. You won’t have to waste a lot of time and energy on the phone. You’ll see why.
  3. Increase your popularity rating and enjoy the best reviews in town!
  4. This app is your fair differentiator in front of your competitors. Not every clinic has its own app.
3. What features does it offer?

Digitail for Pets is a real time-saver for you and for your customers. It has a lot of functionalities and we do our best every day to guarantee your customers the best experience ever. Look what Digitail for Pets has for them:

  1. Online Appointments: they will view the real-time availability of your clinic, spending less time on the phone.
  2. Diary Notes: your customers will take photos and notes whenever something unusual happens, so you can understand the full history and diagnose the pet easier.
  3. Reminders: they won’t forget to come, because they will receive in-app notifications, SMS texts and emails!
  4. Health Records: Digitail is a safe place for all official documents provided by your clinic.
  5. Telemedicine: customers call you on your personal phone for questions or emergencies? Offer them advice via video-calls that you can finally charge for!
  6. Digital Identity: pet owners will be really impressed about how efficiently they can manage their pets’ health journey. And guess what? They’re your happy customers!

* For now only the following features are available: Online Appointments and Digital Identity. Soon we will “unlock” the remaining features, stay tuned!

Do you want more information about the Digital Health Card and features? Check it out here: https://www.digitail.io/digital-health-card.

4. Can I try it out to see what my clients will see?

We actually encourage you to play with it before you tell your clients about it. If you want to experiment Digitail for Pets as a pet owner, add yourself to the Patients Database in Digitail and download the app for free. Try to book an online appointment, then try to reschedule, cancel or accept it (from your vet account) on your own.

5. Do I have an account already?

If you’ve already added yourself as a client in your Patients Database, it means that you have an account for the app. You recieved an email then regarding your new account and password – just use the credentials and click “Login”.

If you are not registered as a client in your Patients Database, just add your details as described here.

6. How can my clients access the app?

If they are your clients it means they already have a profile in your Patients Database. All they need to do is to use the email you registered them with and the password generated (they recieved an email with their account details when you added them in the system). If they don’t find the email or don’t remember the password, don’t worry, they can simply reset it and choose a new password!

7. Do the imported clients have an account already?

Yes! All the clients in your Patients Database have an account for Digitail App. If you used the import functionality to add them, they need to reset their password using the email address that you have written in the system.

8. Some of my clients in the database don’t have an email address. Can they still access the app?

In order to access the app they need a valid email address. You can edit their profile in the Patients Database and add their email. After this, they can login using that email and set their password using the reset functionality.

9. How to reset the password?

If you don’t remember your password or you can’t find the initial email that was sent when you created your pet’s profile, just click on “Reset Password”. Then login using your email and the new password.

10. Where can we find the app?

Go to Google Play (for Android) or App Store (for iOS) and write in the Search section Digitail for Pets or access this link from your phone: https://pet.digitail.io/download. It is a free app, without in-app purchases and it is available for now only for customers of Digitail users (clinics).

Click the button Install and open the app. Start creating your pet’s first digital identity just in few minutes!

11. How can my clients request an appointment?

After they are logged in, they will see all their pets and their past and future appointments. In order to request a new appointment, they need to click on the “+” sign.

1. they need to select for which pet is the appointment (in case there are multiples);

2. select the service;

3. select the date;

4. select the hour;

5. they can write extra details for the appointment and click “Send”.

They will find the request appointment in the “Appointments” tab, with the status “Pending Confirmation”.

12. How can I see the pending requests?

Similarly with the appointments received through the Online Appointments System, you are going to see all the requests and their statuses in Digitail Software.

You can accept or reschedule appointments, and your clients will get real-time notifications directly in the app!

13. How do I tell my customers about Digitail?

Let us help you to promote your app in front of your customers. When they come to the clinic, encourage them to download the app and help them with the login. Discover how you get your customers’ username and password here.

Mention that they will be able to make online appointments through the app – anytime, anywhere, even when the clinic is closed. Also they will be able to create their pets’ first digital identities through the app and they will have all information in one place!

If they want much more details about Digitail for Pets app, tell them to follow us on InstagramFacebook and also on our website, pet.digitail.io. They’ll be extremely curious about it, trust us.