Digitail reseller program for Distributors

A powerful tech solution for your clients


Forward thinking

44% of veterinary doctors are under 40 years old. They grew up with technology and they appreciate tools that make their life easier. You now have the chance to offer that tool.

Digitail will improve the relationship with your current customers and enable them to easily send new orders directly to your team.


Use existing sales network

You already have a team that is in constant contact with the veterinary clinics. Increase your sales efficiency by enabling your agents to promote Digitail.

Digitail is also a conversation starter. Our current partners started deals with new clients that lead to more product orders.


Maximize your profitability

Adding a new product to your portfolio brings more revenue. We all know that. But Digitail also helps your customers sell more product to the pet owners. And the more they sell, the more orders you will have to fulfill.

Some Digitail users are sending the pet owners’ orders straight to their supplier in order to ship the goods directly.




Why Digitail?

Are you a wholesaler that works with veterinary practices?

You can now take advantage of our reseller program in order to maximize your revenue and increase your market share.

See below how we can help.

1. Attractive deals for you

As our partner, you will receive amazing deals that will help you increase revenue and market share. You get unique prices and full support.

3. White label solutions

You get a fully branded solution that you can distribute to your clients. As a result, all of your customers will see your brand every time they use the software.

2. Integrated Stock Management

This module enables your customer to directly order and re-order products from you through Digitail. You will also gain an overview about the purchases.

4. Full tech & sales support

You will benefit from 24/7 support from our dedicated team. May it be email, web-tickets, phone calls. We are here.

Digitail Vet
for all your clients

Explore the new functionality and how can our features help veterinary doctors and business managers improve their operations and revenue.

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