Patient Management

This core functionality gives you full power to create and organize detailed patients’ files.

Add new patients

You can easily migrate your patients database to Digitail CRM, add new patients  and fill in the most important details such as:


View the timeline with previous appointments,
reminders & important notes and keep track of what’s coming next.

Medical info

Detailed medical info allows you to get an overview of the pet’s health history and current condition.

With Digitail special algorithms, you can easily search historical data for any patient and get categorised information about check-ups, interventions, vaccination and deworming history.

Reminders & Notifications

Digitail makes sure the pet owner has all the information he needs about when the next visit should be.

Through the system, you can provide the customers all the necessary information they need to know after a visit at your practice.

Our proprietary algorithms find the best time to capture the client’s attention and send all information via e-mail, SMS or even in app notifications.

Predictive diagnosis

The medical structure of Digitail enables the algorithms to take advantage of the information that you introduce into the system in order to help you with recommendations.

The system leverages: