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V3.9.2 from 17 September 2019

  • New permission to edit invoices #features
  • Possibility to import bulk record files #features
  • The health plans are now shared between clinic users #updates

V3.9.1 from 5 September 2019

  • Improvements for the Calendar page #updates
  • General bug fixing #bugs

V3.9.0 from 30 August 2019

  • Improvements for the Online Appointments page #updates
  • General UI improvements #updates

V3.8.0 from 9 August 2019

  • Improvements for the Calendar page #updates

V3.8.0 from 9 August 2019

  • General bug fixing #bugs

V3.7.1, V3.7.2 & V3.7.3 from 26 July 2019

  • General bug fixing #bugs

V3.7.0 from 20 July 2019

  • The Record File summary has new information #updates
  • New updates for the invoice (less color for economic printing, pets details, etc.)  #updates
  • The payment status is now displayed in Patient’s Records #updates

V3.6 from 5 July 2019

  • New breeds have been added (Papillon & Staffy) #updates
  • New services have been added #updates
  • General bug fixing #bugs

V3.5 from 23 June 2019

  • General bug fixing #bugs

V3.4.2 from 10 June 2019

  • New fresh design for the invoice #updates
  • When adding a new appointment, it’s not mandatory to send a notification when it is set as ‘confirmed’ #updates
  • General bug fixing and UI updates #bugs  #updates

V3.4.1 from 5 June 2019

  • Improvements for patients import #updates
  • General bug fixing and UI updates #bugs  #updates

V3.3.1 from 25 May 2019

  • Possibility to delete a record file #updates
  • General bug fixing and UI updates #bugs  #updates

V3.3 from 18 May 2019

  • The products that have recommendations associated, will be displayed in the ‘label’ field #updates
  • General bug fixing and UI updates #bugs  #updates

V3.2 from 2 May 2019

  • General bug fixing and UI updates #bugs  #updates

V3.1 from 26 April 2019

  • Edit more easily the details of an appointment or reschedule a confirmed visit #updates
  • General bug fixing and UI updates #bugs  #updates

V3 from 17 April 2019

  • Set user groups, roles & permissions #features
  • Each user can set their title (Doctor, Stylist, Receptionist, etc.) that will appear on the client communication #updates
  • Filter all your receipts by revenue stream (protocols & products) #updates
  • General bug fixing and UI updates #bugs  #updates

V2.11 from 5 April 2019

  • Each record can have multiple secondary services #features
  • Organize the protocols by grouping them in services categories #updates
  • When adding a new pet, the microchip code checks if it’s unique in order to avoid duplicates #updates
  • The records that have images or files attached will display a symbol that lets you view the files directly #updates
  • You can select if you want to send the welcome SMS or email when you add your clients in the system #updates
  • General bug fixing and UI updates #bugs  #updates

V2.10 from 22 March 2019

  • Add more services, select durations for each of them and decide if they are visible to your clients or only used by the clinic #features
  • When sending SMS from the patients’ profile, you can see in real-time the count of characters #updates
  • Possibility to edit the responsible staff from a confirmed appointment #updates
  • General bug fixing and UI updates #bugs  #updates

V2.9 from 8 March 2019

  • Create an inventory list and update your stock in minutes! #features
  • Add observations and things that you want to remember about your clients, directly when you add them in the system #updates
  • All the fields in the Record files can be extended so you can write as much information you want #updates
  • Possibility to differentiate all your supplies and goods and filter them in your stocks #updates
  • General bug fixing and UI updates #bugs  #updates

V2.8 from 21 February 2019

  • Automated import of your patients, stocks or services via excel #features
  • Added new tutorials for first-time users #updates
  • General bug fixing and UI updates #bugs  #updates

V2.7 from 7 February 2019

  • Yuhuu! Barcode scanner integration now available #features
  • Forgot & reset password on the Public Calendar #updates
  • New colors and statuses on the “Medical Records” page #updates
  • The invoices list displays the hour when it was created #updates
  • Possibility to search within the Diagnoses Directory #updates
  • You can now export the payment reports #updates
  • The approximate price is now shown when creating a new service package #updates
  • General bug fixing and UI updates #bugs  #updates

V2.6 from 25 January 2019

  • See all the details about the products in your stock #features
  • You can easily search and filter the information on multiple pages #updates
  • General bug fixing and UI updates #bugs  #updates

V2.5 from 10 January 2019

  • Possibility to update the stock of products with + #updates
  • General bug fixing and UI updates #bugs  #updates

V2.4.3 from 23 December 2018

  • You can now have an overview of your income and transactions #features
  • General bug fixing and UI updates #bugs  #updates

V2.4.2 from 13 December 2018

  • A new way to see the all the pets belonging to a specific owner #updates
  • General bug fixing and UI updates #bugs  #updates

V2.4 from 8 December 2018

  • A new way to select products directly from your nomenclature for the Starter package #features
  • New services have been added #updates
  • General bug fixing and UI updates #bugs  #updates

V2.3.2 from 3 December 2018

  • You can set a recommended price for your products in your nomenclature – this will be automatically prefilled when you add this product again #features
  • A new page where you can set the name and the starting number of the invoices, patients and files #updates
  • General bug fixing and UI updates #bugs  #updates

V2.3.1 from 22 November 2018

  • Possibility to add more records to a patient on the same day #updates
  • General bug fixing #bugs

V2.3 from 21 November 2018

  • New tools to create your clinic’s timetable, shifts & exceptions #features
  • Improvements on sending SMS/ emails from the patient’s profile #updates
  • General bug fixing #bugs

V2.2 from 7 November 2018

  • The Digital Health Card for pet owners is here! #features
  • A faster way to write diagnoses with your own Diagnoses Nomenclature #features
  • New medical record concept and design #updates
  • Search improvements #updates

V2.1 from 24 October 2018

  • An internal nomenclature of vet products is now available – adding products to your stock just got faster! #features
  • Every patient has an ID number associated; the start number can be customized #features
  • You can export the reception notes in an Excel file #updates
  • When adding a file to a patient’s profile, you can now type in or edit the title  #updates
  • New ‘Treatment’ field added to the medical records #updates
  • General bug fixing and UI updates #bugs #updates

V2.0 from 11 October 2018

  • Now you can remove sub-units from your stock #features
  • All the PDFs can be previewed before downloading #features
  • The SMS sent to new patients now includes clinic’s phone number #updates
  • The fields have a darker tone so the contrast is higher and more visible on all screen types #updates
  • General bug fixing and UI updates #bugs #updates

V1.9 from 4 October 2018

  • The possibility to add a reception of goods with products that have 100% discount from the supplier #features
  • The agent fields are now optional when adding a new supplier #updates
  • General bug fixing and UI updates #bugs #updates

V1.8 from 20 September 2018

  • Each doctor can upload a picture with the seal/signature that will automatically be added to each generated document #features
  • The hours that are outside the set schedule are marked with gray #updates
  • Bug fixing for Internet Explorer #bugs

V1.7.2 from 14 September 2018

  • Appointments UI improvements #updates
  • The products now have information about the active substance and the administration method #updates

V1.7.1 from 7 September 2018

  • The medical record can be printed by sections #features
  • Possibility to generate Supplies Receipt #features
  • When making a reception of goods, there is now the possibility to select ‘Cash Register Receipt’ as a document type #updates
  • The automated emails now display the clinic’s name #updates
  • The Consultations Registry has a new filter by species #updates
  • General bug fixing and UI updates #bugs #updates

V1.7 from 27 August 2018

  • There is a new structure for the menu. The admin module can now be found on the top right, by clicking on the profile pic #updates

V1.6 from 16 August 2018

  • Possibility to edit and delete a Reception of Goods #features
  • Now you can set reference values and units for lab analysis, by species #features
  • The products table on ‘Add Reception’ now contains more information #updates
  • UI updates for mobile and tablets #updates

V1.5 from 10 August 2018

  • Possibility to add a discount from the supplier for received goods #features
  • New design and structure for the medical record PDF #updates
  • Scrollbar updates on all popups #updates
  • The invoice now displays more information in the footer #updates

V1.4 from 30 July 2018

  • The Products Registry is now available! You can see everything that happened to your products by using the filters provided #features
  • Inventory bug fixing and UI updates #bugs #updates

V1.3.1 from 25 July 2018

  • You can now apply a general discount received from your supplier to all the goods #features
  • The expiration date of a product is optional #updates

V1.3 from 19 July 2018

  • You can keep track of your cash transactions by using the new Cash Registry #features
  • General bug fixing and UI updates #bugs #updates

V1.2 from 3 July 2018

  • You can now type in directly the date on all date pickers #updates
  • General bug fixing and UI updates #bugs #updates