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Record cash intakes after a shift

1. Find out what were the total cash intakes for the day

To do this, go to Inventory -> Receipts & Payments -> Revenue Intakes

2. Set the initial balance of the cash balance

(only if it’s the first time when using the cash registry)

Go to Inventory -> Receipts & Payments -> Cash Registry -> Set Initial Balance

3. Write down the total cash intakes in the cash registry

Go to Inventory -> Receipts & Payments -> Cash Registry

Click on “add operation” and follow these steps:

Step 1 – Choose “Revenue intakes”
Step 2 – Choose the Operation type – “Daily Report”
Step 3 – Choose the date for which you want to record the daily intake
Step 4 – Write down the document no. of the operation (for internal management purposes)
Step 5 – Write down the sum from the “Revenue Intakes”.
Step 6 – (Optional) Write down an explanation for the sum or the name of the person that is making the operation.

4. Checking the cash report

Go to Inventory -> Receipts & Payments -> Cash Registry

Filter the time period to match the days you want to check.
You will then be able to see the cash balance for:

  • Beginning of day
  • End of day
  • Total balance over the selected period

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