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Digitail for Veterinary Universities

We believe that the best investment is in education.

Veterinary Universities work hard to guide future generations of doctors and we want to help as well.

We offer discounts on all Digitail plans for the Veterinary Universities that want to improve their internal communication, keep medical records organized, share cases with their students, and digitize their clinic.

How can Digitail help our University?

Clients & pets database

Easily manage all clients and patients from one place. Add new patients in an instant and automate the communication with their parents.

Roles & permission

Create different accounts for everybody at the university. From students accounts to professors and administrators - all the roles and permissions are customizable.

Medical cases

Everybody can access medical cases and collaborate on them. Easily share the information with students, professors or other colleagues.


Managing an entire university is no easy task! From inventory and stock of medical supplies to schedules and tasks, Digitail can help streamline your internal workflow.

How can we start using Digitail in our Veterinary University?

Contact us via the live chat (on the bottom right corner) or send an email at and we’ll get in touch with you asap! We will set up a video call so we can get to know you better and understand how we can help the students and the staff of your Veterinary University thrive 😊