More time for what matters

Digitail Vet for doctors
Have a better relationship with your clients.

Attract new clients

Have an online presence with the online calendar tool. Customers have access to a personalized webpage where they can request appointments. You are in control of your calendar and your customers will receive your confirmation in real time.


Improve clients relationships

Quickly see the most important information about your customers and their pets and browse their medical history. Give them personalized summaries of the visits and be in constant touch through the Digital Health Card App.


Save time

You don’t need to fill in the same information multiple times. Just focus on examinations and all your accounting reports and medical registries are automatically generated.

Everything is designed especially for your needs.


Automated notifications

Notify customers automatically about due dates for preventive care such as vaccinations or deworming treatments. Any change on the appointments (cancellations, changes) will also notify you and your customers in real time.

how we help you

Check out the main features that will take your clinic to the next level.

Be where your clients are

Digitail creates online awareness for the clinic by offering a dedicated online appointment system where clients can request new appointments. Your clients also have access to an exclusive Digital Health Card app where they have access to their medical record and visits, can track health data and update their information.

Make your customers remember you

When a recurring customer comes, you can search his file by multiple filters (owner’s name, phone number, email, patients’ name, microchip, etc) and quickly see an overview of his profile and medical record. In this way, you can create a connection with the customer.

Take extra care of the details with branded communication: from visits summaries to automated emails and messages.

Get rid of mundane activities

When you create a medical record, all the products that you used are automatically deducted from the stock, the consultations registry is generated with the latest information together with the transaction reports.
And with one click the receipt and invoice are already in your hand!

Send the right message, at the right time

The automated notifications remind your customers when they have the next appointment and even when the next visit would be recommended. You can control if these notifications go to their email inbox or directly on their phone via text message.