Cloud software solution for Veterinary Practices
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Digitail is a complete solution

Anyone involved in your veterinary practice can take part in it! Digitail comes with some predefined user roles & account types, while you can add or customize your own.


Track your business profitability and understand what are the main sources of revenue.

Take informed decisions


Create your calendar with customizable shifts and exceptions. Know your availability and check your next appointment. Receive bookings online and send suggestions for dates to your clients.

Keep track of the appointments


Notify customers automatically about due dates for preventive care such as vaccinations or deworming treatments.

Attract new clients


Generate accounting reports that you can use directly. We made sure they are in the required format. Integrate with other systems by exporting and importing the documents.

Have confidence in your data


Centralize all the medical staff’s schedule in one place and easily add new appointments.

Centralize all the information

Other staff?

Digitail enables the entire vet practice to work together efficiently. Find out more about the functionalities available:

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