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The only risk-free client acquisition solution for vets.


Be where your clients are

Create your digital profile on the pet parents' platform. With no coding required, you have a professional webpage and a full listing on Digitail, ready to attract new clients.

Meet new clients, 24/7

Increase your online presence and make sure you are easy to reach by pet parents in your area.


Say your story

First impressions matter and we want you to shine in front of new clients. You are in control of your services, availability, and pricing so you can keep your profile up to date with ease, on all platforms.


Optimized & SEO friendly website

We make sure your profile reaches pet parents from day one! Everything is optimized so you can get new bookings with no effort.


Your practice, easy to book from everywhere

Let clients book online appointments, whenever they want and save the precious time you now spend on phone calls. Convenient for you and for your clients.

Your own ‘Book Now’ button

Get bookings directly through your Facebook or Instagram page.


Direct bookings from Google Maps

Customize your Google profile to allow clients to book directly when they find you on Google Maps.


Online appointments from your website

Add the online booking widget directly on your website.


The right resources to make you competitive

Marketing can be hard! We help practices with personalized marketing campaigns and resources to fit their needs (and their clients!).

Optimized recommendations

We use smart algorithms to recommend your practice to pet parents looking for vet services that fit your profile.


Marketing resources

We provide you with the right materials that speak to pet parents. From flyers, posters, and stickers to social media posts and campaigns – you name it and we can do it!


Customize and manage your calendar exactly how you want

Your calendar is yours, so you can accept, reschedule or cancel bookings on the go! You are always informed about new appointments and patients' details so you are ready to offer a great service.

Detailed bookings

When a new client books an appointment, you’ll get all the details you need to be ready for the visit. From general information about the pet to detailed information about the reason for the visit.


Automatic notifications

Let us do the work. We send real-time notifications to keep you and your clients updated – the start of great communication!


Automatic reminders

We make sure clients don’t forget about their next appointment by sending automatic reminders via email, SMS, and push notifications. Of course, you have all the flexibility to customize these reminders exactly how you want!

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Join the cool vets already working with Digitail and start discovering how we can help you!

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