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Client Retention

Offer the best experience to your clients, before the visit, during, and after!


More time for pets and their parents

Veterinarians on average spend less than 20-min per year with each patient and this has proven insufficient to nurture a positive experience and long-lasting relationship with pet parents.

Fast communication

Clients can chat with you before the visit or when they have questions and concerns. Make sure your clients rely on you, not on Dr. Google!


Wellness plans made easy

Save time with automatic reminders designed to bring the clients back. They are notified when their next visit is due and they can easily schedule it.


The Pet Portal that keeps your clients happy

Be in the pocket of pet parents with the Digitail App - designed especially to make your clients have a unique experience before the visit, during, and after!

Easy appointment management

Give your clients the possibility to schedule due visits, reschedule, or ask for more information before their visits. No need to call or come in!


Automatic push notifications & reminders to book

Forget about clients that don’t show up for their appointments. We send the right reminders, at the right time, on the right channel!

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