Terms and Conditions

SC DIGITAIL INNOVATION SRL offers a platform for veterinary practices to manage the patients and the communications with them.

The vet.digitail.io website is the property of SC DIGITAIL INNOVATION SRL. This document establishes the terms and conditions in which you can use the vet.digitail.io website, further referred to as vet.digitail.io.

vet.digitail.io is a platform for managing the patients files, the daily schedule and communications with the pet owners.

The access and usage of the vet.digitail.io website is done under the authority of these rules, in the following terms and conditions. The usage of the website, login and access to the services implies the acceptance of these terms and conditions, with all the consequences that arise from accepting them.

Art 1. Access

The access to the Digitail platform is done through a username and a unique, individual and private password, known solely by the user. The user is the only responsible for keeping the confidentiality over the login credentials, and the regular change of the access password is recommended in order to strengthen the security of the data stored and used.

SC DIGITAIL INNOVATION SRL does not take responsibility for the security of this website or your communications line.

By the term ‘user’ we understand any private person or company who will access this website.

Art 2. Copyright, brand and intellectual property

SC DIGITAIL INNOVATION SRL offers paid access to the vet.digitail.io website.

SC DIGITAIL INNOVATION SRL authorizes you to view, print and send existing information on the website.

The content of this website, the texts, graphic, photographs, software, logos and any other materials on this website are protected by the copyright law and are the property of SC DIGITAIL INNOVATION SRL or its partners.

Art 3. Rules for using the platform

You are not allowed to:

  • Try to intervene, by any means, to the content of this website, to erase or modify the materials and information delivered or even the intention of acting in this purpose
  • Try to test or scan the vulnerability of ay system in theSC DIGITAIL INNOVATION SRL network.
  • Access any server or service in theSC DIGITAIL INNOVATION SRL network which are not public or without authorization.
  • Try to intervene in the functionality of the hosting servers or in the SC DIGITAIL INNOVATION SRL network by any means, including attacking them by “flooding” or “DOS”.
  • Use any of the e-mail addresses published through the website to distribute them on mailing lists or to send commercial e-mails (spamming) or for any other purpose besides sending personal and justified e-mail without the written consent of the owners of the addresses.

Violation of any of these rules will be sanctioned accordingly (civil or penal). SC DIGITAIL INNOVATION SRL will investigate the actions that imply such violations, cooperating with the authorities to prevent or stop such activities.

Art 4. Availability of the service

SC DIGITAIL INNOVATION SRL is not responsible in front of the user, any third party or institution for modifying, suspending or interrupting the available services through the website.

SC DIGITAIL INNOVATION SRL can change the content and conditions of using the website at any time, thus the new conditions becoming valid once published on the website, without retroactive effect.

Art 5. Exoneration of liability

By accepting to use this website you implicitly declare you understand the purpose of this electronic platform and you take full responsibility for using it only in the purpose described here.

SC DIGITAIL INNOVATION SRL does not offer any guarantee that the services will be uninterrupted, on time, certain or without errors.

SC DIGITAIL INNOVATION SRL is not responsible for the quality of any services you obtain through the website, that doesn’t satisfy all your demands.

Art 6. Limitation of liability

SC DIGITAIL INNOVATION SRL will not be responsible for any direct, indirect, accidental, special damage, including but not limited to profit loss, goodwill, usage possibilities, data or any other intangible or incommensurable damage.

For the website sections that may contain readers’ opinions, the responsibility for the content is entirely the authors’. SC DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION SRL reserves the right not to publish those opinions that are against the terms and conditions of using the website or considers harmful in any way to its own image, to the partners’ image or to third parties.

This website is offered in this form without any other guarantees. SC DIGITAIL INNOVATION SRL is not and cannot be made responsible for mismatches, unavailability or any other flaws of this website or its content.

Art 7. User obligations

In order to use the service, the user must pay the chosen subscription.

Using the program means agreeing to the terms and conditions stated above. If the users do not agree with the terms and conditions described in this section, they can stop using the program and their data will be deleted automatically from the system.